Project 01 - 2011/2012 | Designing Shadow

Posted: Saturday, September 17, 2011 | Posted by Stupa Satu | Binus University | Labels: ,

The first project of architecture design studio 1 (2011/2012) is to explore and create structural form that can be used as a shelter. You need to observe and do a research about light as an attribute to space. You also need to analyze and observe Syahdan & Anggrek Campuses' area that would be appropriate for the structure and the space elements to be placed. The site that you can design is 3x3 meters (9sqm).

source : Steven Holl

Students will produce:
1. Study literature
2. Isometric drawing (Scale 1:20)
3. Perspectives
4. Model (Scale 1:10)

The final submission is on week 7. There will be two reviews/critics on week 3 and week 7 as a final review/ critic.


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